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Permanent Rat Exclusion Services



We are a professional Georgetown, Tx Rat Exclusion Company.

"Full Property Exclusions"

A full property exclusion is the professional repair and sealing of ALL vulnerable areas on or in a structure to prevent animals from living within the structure, “excluding” target animals from the property.

A proper rat exclusion starts with a good “Site Evaluation”, technicians determine vulnerable rat entry points. All technicians are trained professionals that have the experience needed to know the behaviors and characteristics of the different Rat species in Georgetown Texas. Our technicians know what areas on YOUR structure commonly used for rat entry. 

We provide only professional grade work, to protect your property. We use revolutionary construction grade adhesives and materials which allows us to provide guaranteed results backed by a warranty. The adhesives are 100% polyurethane, 3 times stronger than traditional construction adhesives and will outlast as long as “the surface it joins together“.

Georgetown Rat Exclusion Services

Rodents in the Georgetown area, have the ability to get inside your home though very small openings. Getting rid of rodents is only the first step in taking care of your rat or mice problem. We will also help with rodent exclusion, to prevent the rats or mice from getting back into your home. Rat and mice removal should be taken care of as soon as you see that first rat or mouse. Rodents are quick breeders and can populate to large numbers in a short period of time.

Rat and mice removal extermination will help you to eliminate rodents from your home or business, and also prevent the spread of disease. Rats are a top carrier of a number of diseases that can be spread to your family or your pets. You should never attempt to take care of rat or mice pest control problems on your own. Let us safely and effectively remove your rodents today.

We have the proper experience and know how to work with all property types. We have the right materials for your property in Georgetown for permanent rat solutions.

Georgetown Rat Exclusion Experts Servicing 

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