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Rodent Populations Are On The Rise In Austin

Rodent Infestations Have Become A Major Issue In Austin But it's nothing OUR Rat Removal Specialists cannot resolve. Rat Problems Are Very Unpleasant And Distressing For Any Home Or Business. Rodents Breed Quickly, Carry Disease, And Damage Property. Rat's Leave Behind Droppings And Create Costly Damage. Dead Rats And Mice Can Be Difficult To Find And Remove, We Are Austin's Rodent Removal Experts. We Are Fully Equipped And Knowledgeable To Permanently Solve ANY Rat Issue For Good.


We use proven methods and Professional materials to seal properties through a process called an "EXCLUSION". We provide exclusion services to protect from Rats as well as other types of target nuisance animals. Rats carry some Dangerous Diseases. We have the proper equipment to remove all Rat Feces Safely and Perform Decontaminations", We provide "Insulation Removal",  and repair animal damages, ETC. 

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All of our repair work is backed by a guarantee, if there are reoccurring Rat Issues we come back out. Our objective is to get you to rat FREE and provide permanent solutions to keep the Rats OUT!!! This is why we simply make the right repairs the first time. No matter how severe the Rat issue, "There Is No Job too Big or Too Small-Just Give Us A Call & We Can Handle It All".

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What are a rat's mating habits?

As in every living creature, there are usually multiple species. This is no different with rats, but we will discuss the mating habits of the Black Rat, also known as the Roof Rat, and its cousin, the Norway Rat, also known as the Brown Rat.

As the name suggests, the Black Rat / Roof Rat prefers to live high-up, such as in attics, buildings, and rafters while the Norway Rat / Brown Rat, prefers low-lying areas such as the sewers in subways, on the ground floor of buildings and burrows under buildings. The Black Rat / Roof Rat can either be black, grey, or brown, while the Norway Rat / Brown Rat is brown or grey but not black. The Black Rat / Roof Rat is good at climbing, very agile in fact, but it does not like to swim. The Norway Rat / Brown Rat is good at swimming, but not very good at climbing.

The rat population is so large, basically because rats multiply at significantly faster rates. The mating habits of both rats are almost the same, with only minute differences. All rats mate with multiple partners, females being able to switch partners even during a 'session' and the male rat being able to ejaculate several times in a row, ensuring that they passed his gene on. Once conditions are satisfactory, rats mate throughout the year, but the Norway Rats favor Summer and Autumn more.

Since rats live in large groups, there is usually a more dominant male and 2 or 3 more dominant females, creating more of a linear male hierarchy. The more dominant male is usually the most successful breeder, mating with as many female rats as he wants. Females are considered more aggressive than males and sometimes, rats defend both their mates and their territories through aggressive behavior.

Another difference between the Norway Rats over other species is that the females prefer male partners who have not mated before or who did not suffer from or experience stress during their early years. A female rat can mate as much as 500 times per a 6-hour period, with different partners. Female rats usually experience this up to 15 times a year which is how a single female rat can produce up to 2,000 babies per year. Gestation for the Black Rat is 4 weeks, and for the Norway Rat, approximately 3 weeks. This means that the Norway Rat can be pregnant twice within one month, but it is very unhealthy to be both pregnant and weaning.

Each female rat can produce a litter of 6 to 12 babies, all born blind, deaf, and hairless. They would take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to stop nursing and then, one week after, the vicious reproductive cycle can start all over again, with a new breed of rats. Luckily, the average survival rate of rats is between 2 two and 3 years. Abortion is also common among female rats if there is inadequate food, nesting materials, overcrowding, or too much noise.

RAT RISKS AND TRAPPING: Rats chew on electrical wires, which can cause outages or even worse risk of fire in your home or building. They also chew on other surfaces, such as water pipes, which can cause leaks, piping insulation, wood, plumbing stacks, and more. They burrow in insulation and have nests of baby rats. It can pose a health risk if they leave urine and feces everywhere. We trap and remove 100% of the rats in your house, using our innovative process, the best in the world.

ATTIC CLEANUP AND DECON: We offer attic cleanup, odor control, and decontamination services. This process ensures we eliminate the health risk associated with rodent droppings and urine, along with the odor problem. Rats leave behind pheromones that can attract new rats, and predators such as raccoons or rat snakes, to enter the attic. We offer cleanup, including fogging, to full insulation replacement services where applicable.

HUMANE SOLUTIONS: Our process does not rely on the usage of poisons. Poisons are a lazy and ineffective approach, which never permanently solves the problem. The main thing poisons cause is the stink of dead rats in your attic and walls! New rats keep coming. Our process relies on sealing shut all entry holes so that no rodents can ever enter the structure again. We can cage trapping or exclusion, though snap traps are actually the most humane approach.


There is no one-price-fits-all method for rat control jobs in Austin. Each job is different, depending on these factors:
Size of the house or building
Condition of house, and the number of rat entry areas
The severity of rat infestation
Building location, roof and attic access, etc.
The severity of rat contamination or damage

The rat removal process comprises these steps:
Full inspection of the exterior house or building, from ground level to roof
Full inspection inside the attic space
Inspection of all vents, plumbing pipes, A/C chases, etc
Sealing shut all entry holes with professional-grade repairs
Setting 10+ rat traps on the precise areas of rat activity
Monitoring of traps and removal of dead rats until all are gone
Cleanup of rat waste and repair of damage

Each job is very different, and only an on-site inspection can determine the correct price for your specific Austin rodent problem.