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Permanent Rat Exclusion Services


Dead Rat Removal, Dead Animal Removal

Dead Rodent Removal services is one of the first concerns when a animal dies in your home or business is the odor. Rats will typically hide away in small accesses like attics, crawlspaces, and walls. When the animal dies, it will start to decay and can attract other pesky creatures into or around your home. 

In most cases can smell the air in the interior of your home and diagnose exactly what kind of animal it is, and if dead or alive. Our trained professionals will find the source of the dead animal, and remove it safely. We provide odor control services, disinfecting and sanitizing services, and restoration services to remove the smell that will happen as a result. If the animal has damaged the area or insulation, we can also provide immediate restoration services to bring your home back to it’s original condition.

Some of the typical dead animal nuisance concerns are:

Dead animal in attic.
Dead animal under home.
Dead animal in walls.
Dead animal in vent.
Dead animal in insulation.
Dead animal under vapor barrier.
Dead animal in duct line.
Dead animal in chimney.
Dead animal in yard.
Dead animal on road.
Dead animal on fence.
Dead animal under deck.
How to get rid of a dead animal.
Dead animal smell and presence of flies.

Dead Animal Removal isn’t always a simple process. It usually includes crawling into tight, cramped spaces in potentially hazardous conditions. The dead animal must be found, removed and properly disposed of. Then the area must be cleaned and decontaminated. It is also critical to perform animal exclusion to ensure the area is properly sealed off to prevent any animals from returning.

For Dead Animals on a public road contact one of your local city departments for help.